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8 childcare essentials to have in stock

Posted by Tradesquare on Oct 6, 2020 3:04:48 PM

All mothers - whether with new babies or those expecting an addition to the family any time soon - all need many childrens essentials to make life easier throughout their journey of motherhood.

No matter how well prepared they are, how long their list of childcare shopping essentials might be, each and every one will find they are missing something that when they need it, they need it urgently.  The very nature of motherhood is to ‘expect the unexpected’. So how can retailers be sure they are ready to cater to new mums with the right selection of baby products at the right time and at the right price? Sure it helps to have been a mum - or a dad - because that obviously brings a level of understanding that non-parents cannot easily match. 

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Stores looking to create an offer of childcare essentials need to have a complete set of essentials, so customers don’t need to be shop hopping around the city when they need things urgently. 

Not only is it convenient to source as many items as possible close to home and in one place, in these times when everyone is increasingly health conscious, most mums don't want to spend too much time in retail stores or shopping centres. 

So at TradeSquare we have completed the ultimate checklist of goods, divided into eight essential categories. If you’re looking to attract mums of young children to your store, there are all must-have items:

1 Wardrobe essentials

The best-dressed babies anywhere in the world need common wardrobe essentials such as mittens, onesies, one-piece sleepers, hats (especially for newborns), socks or booties, bibs and - of course, shoes and sandals. Depending on the climate, rompers make a convenient, warm attire for babies or toddlers, along with sweaters or jackets. And while not exactly essential, most parents like to have several stunning outfits to show off their little ones in!


2 Nappie stuff

Nappie management - the inevitability of life for every parent of a baby or toddler. But if you want to cater to young parents, it’s not just the actual nappies you have to consider (and the myriad of options such as disposables, washables, eco-friendly versions, etc. Changing nappies requires wet wipes and you should also consider appropriate bags for storing used nappies when parents and bubs are on the move. Add to that list changing pads, nappy pail and liners for parents changing at home or workplace, rash cream and baby powder. 


3 Health and hygiene products

Health and hygiene is probably the biggest category in baby and childcare - there are so many items specialist retailers would need to stock, although retailers like pharmacies or local corner stores can be a little more selective than fully-fledged babycare shops!

First up, you have simple items like cotton buds, sanitisers, burp shields, washcloths, kid-friendly hand soaps and shampoos. Every parent needs a thermometer in their bathroom cabinet, along with nail trimmers, baby oils and teethers. A pacifier is another essential and most young ones need a potty trainer. 


Baby food

4 Feeding essentials

Food is of course the greatest essential of all for any parent, so make sure you have a range of ready to heart and serve soft baby food, milk formula and kids cereals, along with eating utensils, bottles and a thermal bottle carrier. 


5 Bedding items

The more comfortable a child’s bed or cot, the more likely it is to sleep, right? Well many mums are sure to disagree, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Make sure you have cotton blankets, swaddles and crib sheets. 


6 Breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding is often an uncomfortable experience for mums, so it is useful to have options to make the process as comfortable as possible. A nursing pillow can make it more relaxing for both mum and baby while items like a soothing compress, nipple lotion and breast pads ensure comfort in between. 


7 Nursery gear

These days there are whole stores catering to parents seeking all manner of items for babies to lie, sit or ride in, from strollers to car seats, cribs and cradles, rocking chairs, walkers, baby swings, feeding chairs and carriers. It’s not just retailers who need to consider stocking some of these items - there is also a market among restaurants and cafes who need to provide amenities for parents dining in. Every family restaurant needs a high-chair in waiting, for example!


8 Entertainment and Educational items

Finally, there is always a demand for items which keep babies amused - and hopefully quiet. Consider stocking simple items such as rattles, squeeze toys, play mats, blocks, shape sorters, wood puzzles, and, of course, play mats. Slightly older children will be amused by more engaging toys such as colouring books, water play items, children’s books and even water-play toys. But be sure that any toys you stock are safe to use, environmentally sustainable and safe for use, without easily removable small parts that can be swallowed, or paint that can flake off and be ingested. 


All these items are just the core essentials that parents look for in childcare shops. Remember, first impressions last. So, when a first-time mom or dad pops into your shop and they find all things they need, they will surely be back. 

One final heads-up: make sure all your supplies are made of non-toxic materials so parents feel safe buying from your shop.


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