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Five cool gift ideas for people working from home

Posted by Tradesquare on Aug 7, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, millions of people have shifted to working from home, creating a whole new category in the gift market. TradeSquare has selected a range of concepts perfect for those who are working away from the office – don’t neglect to stock them on your shelves, or consider them as a corporate gift.

NytStnd Multi-Device Charging Station

One of the most necessary gadgets on any desk these days is a wireless charger. If your customers are technoholics, don’t miss the chance to introduce stationery holders for pencils, pens, and markers that can also charge a smartphone via an integrated Qi wireless charger. Some chargers not only help your customers charge their phones, but also other devices such as smart watches, wireless headphones, and tablets such as the Surface or iPad… all at the same time. Some wireless chargers come with displays that tell the time and perform other functions.

Microsoft Surface Ergonomic Keyboard

Although almost everybody has their own laptop for work, they still enjoy using keyboards to make their working room feel like a small office. Why not introduce some bluetooth keyboards to your customers? There are many styles and concepts that you can recommend to design their own working corners, from retro to modern style. The combo of bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a stylish gift idea that should attract more than a few buyers.

Ember Mug 2 Temperature-Controlled Cup

Likewise, people working from home rarely do so without a cup of coffee or tea on their desk – and the most annoying thing about that is they grow cold. Temperature-controlled smart mugs are an ideal gift to attract customers’ attention. These battery-powered, temperature-controlling mugs ensure that every sip is warm. Smart mugs also include a charging coaster to keep the mug operational all day long. There are also other powerful devices that can ensure drinks stay nice and cold, such as drink induction chiller electric coasters – thermometric refrigerators that can keep any type of can, plastic bottle or glass cup cold as long as it fits on the cooling plate.

Infinity Levitating Spinning Top

Not everything on the desk should be about work. Your customer may be looking for something to decorate or play with during break times. One popular item to stock on shelves is an infinity levitating spinning top – they don’t take up too much space on a desk, but they can make it seem more luxurious and modern, making a boring working corner into a creative space.

digital sticky note

In addition, a digital sticky note can be a surprise gift that your customers will pay attention to. They may seem simple, but this clever gadget can be stuck anywhere to record all the information your customers need to have at hand. Notes can display news and traffic updates, details about a next appointment, smart and synced reminders from private devices. They can also help people control their smart-home devices and leave messages for family members. Don’t just support your customers in their new workplace – help them to arrange their schedule for a long day.

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