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New fashion accessories trends

After a global pandemic, lockdowns and social distancing new trends in fashion accessories are emerging - some which began before the pandemic arrived.

Here are three fast-growing, cool fashion accessories you’ll want to consider if you sell or supply apparel.

Face masks


Face masks are no longer just a medical product. In some countries, wearing a mask was a cultural norm long before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived - but now they are compulsory in some parts of Australia - and at the very least it is considered polite to wear them in crowded public spaces.

Face masks have in the past popped up on fashion runways as part of the show, but now the pandemic has brought them from fringe to mainstream, more and more fashion brands are creating and promoting them. They come in many designs and shapes and people are starting to integrate them into their broader ‘look’.

Doubtless, the wearing of face masks will be an on-going trend in the future as designers and brands make them more aesthetic and fashionable. Remember, sunglasses and hats were once designed as items solely for protecting users from sunlight before they became fashion accessories.

Mini handbags

Mini handbag


Mini handbags, or lady bags, have become increasingly popular among female fashion lovers. A variety of mini handbags’ designs have been introduced this year by many famous fashion labels. All bags come with an impractically tiny size which barely fit a phone, airpods or lipstick. Minibags are used more as an accessory to match with clothes rather than normal bags’ main function to store personal items.

The mini bags trend was initiated by fashion icon Lizzo when she unveiled what was the possibly smallest bag in the world at last year’s American Music Awards. Since then, the mini bag has become a hot trend in the fashion industry and shown no sign of getting old. A mini pouch bag attached with another handbag has also created a fashion craze this year.

Despite its impractical function, mini bags can be pretty much paired with any clothes and used in many different occasions.

Bucket hats


Ikea bucket hat

The bucket hat is a unisex item, its signature character being a wide, downward-sloping brim. The Bucket hat is not a new fashion item - it appeared widely in the 80s in hip-hop culture. But since then, the fashion piece has been popularised in day-to-day fashion and high fashion runways. Earlier this year, Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea introduced a bucket hat design made from its signature Frakta bag. The item went insanely viral and quickly sold out in the US.

The best thing about this item is that it can change the whole look by just changing shades. The basic yet cool item will be an indispensable fashion accessory for #OOTD (outfit of the day). It also makes a great idea for a branded gift or promotional item.

These are three basic yet modern fashion accessories might help emphasise the wearer’s fashion statements.