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TradeSquare partners with Vend to support inventory management

Posted by Tradesquare on Jan 22, 2021 2:59:57 PM

In a world reshaped by the Covid crisis, business partnerships have become increasingly important, along with focusing on the need to support local communities.

That’s why Vend is today proud to announce a new partnership with fast-growing Australian B2B online wholesale marketplace TradeSquare, which like Vend is a pioneering and innovating company from Down Under. 

TradeSquare is an exclusively Australian-owned company helping to bridge the gap between local wholesalers and retailers who like other small and medium enterprises have traditionally found it difficult to do business with large vendors.  

Until now, many retail companies connecting on the TradeSquare platform were facing challenges matching real-time inventory records with transactions online. New stock purchases had to be manually uploaded into backend systems, and the customer-facing online store. 


Now, once the integration is complete next month, any company that runs a store using Vend can connect directly by clicking on the Vend integration button on the checkout page. 

This means that as soon as they purchase something with TradeSquare, Vend will auto add what they purchased into their inventory system with images, product description, pricing and stock volume seamlessly and instantly updated.

Covid-19 has forced the world to find new solutions for businesses to trade, which is why TradeSquare has flourished since its launch last November. In just two months, the company has aggregated more than 18,000 products from more than 350 sellers who have signed up. 

The pandemic battered retail sales across Australian last year, but in the final quarter a corner was turned with turnover up by 7.3 per cent in October according to government data, and strong November and December sales, according to retailers. 


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Many retailers struggled to manage the increased demand in the latter part of the year and found that sourcing stock from traditional offshore suppliers was problematic because shipping schedules were interrupted due to the pandemic. By switching to source from local suppliers, they can now obtain products more easily, be sure of delivery windows and know they are supporting a fellow local business.  

The partnership between Vend and TradeSquare closes the loop of convenience for retailers sourcing locally. The entire process is now a seamless, streamlined process, from searching for, selecting and purchasing goods through to uploading them into the retailer’s inventory. These tech partnerships are to create an "unparalleled B2B experience" as a key part of TradeSquare's "smart wholesale" mission.


And with TradeSquare, a retailer can shop multiple categories and suppliers in a single transaction, after a single five-minute registration process.

There is no cost for retailers to sign up to TradeSquare or to shop on the platform. Only the vendors pay a fee, based on sales. 

TradeSquare also offers a buy now, pay later service through Zip, offering retailers credit of up to 60 days meaning that in many cases, a retailer won’t have to pay for the goods until after they have sold them to shoppers. 


Learn more about TradeSquare and take a look at the range and quality of products on offer.  

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