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What Buy Aussie Day 2020 and TradeSquare share in common

Today, October 1, marks the first National Buy Aussie Day - a concept at the heart and centre of TradeSquare’s DNA.

And October 1 also marks the launch of TradeSquare, Australia’s first locally owned and run B2B wholesale marketplace where SMEs can source supplies and stock locally, supporting the Australian economy. According to National Buy Aussie Day founder Chris White, there are 2.2 million small businesses across the nation, with the sector accounting for almost half of Australia’s entire workforce - or more than 5 million workers.

“In the way that Singles Day in China and Black Friday in the United States have become landmark shopping days, we hope October 1 will forever be our National Shopping Day, supporting Aussie owned businesses producing Aussie made goods,” said White.

He hopes every Australian consumer will do their bit on the day, consciously commiting to buy Aussie now in stores or online, whether it be by spending $2, $20, $200 or $2000.
TradeSquare’s mission is very similar to White’s. Founder Einat Sukenik’s original vision for the marketplace was somewhere Australian SMEs can access wholesale products without high minimum volume orders quantities.

“The goal is to be the Australian version of Alibaba, only with the elimination of challenging communication, overseas taxes, hidden customs fees and products not arriving on time,” she explains. “Our sellers are Australian, therefore you receive stock with GST and it is available here and now, which is a massive advantage for retailers with supply chain issues needing a top up.”

Australian business has suffered enormously over the last 12 months, first with the devastating bushfires, droughts and floods and latterly with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So while the Australia Day Sale 2020, created by White, is targeting consumers, TradeSquare is targeting retailers and small businesses, along with child-care providers, art schools, educators and hospitality operators who are sourcing everyday business supplies such as stationary, books, toys and furniture. Already thousands of products are available on the site from more than 200 brands.

“Now, more than ever, Australian business should look to ways of supporting each other as we all walk this road to recovery together and rebuild our damaged economy,” says Sukenik. “If you haven’t taken a look at the broad range of goods available on TradeSquare, now is a great opportunity to think local.”

“When small businesses thrive, so does the Australian economy – it is quite logical as we create more jobs at home and money stays here,” says White. “I think we all want to look for ways to support each other right now and this is a simple way people can make a difference.”