Episode 40: Deborah Fairfull | TSQ Podcast

Deborah Fairfull is a passionate entrepreneur and admits she's had the entrepreneurial bug for most of her life.



Following a series of businesses, Deborah realised that you need to grow personally to be successful in business and recognised that the connecting thread to all of her ventures was personal development, lifelong learning and well-being.

With a strong curiosity for continuous learning, self-reflective feedback and awareness of behaviours she definitely knows that the current topic of well-being at work is extremely pertinent and has only been amplified by Covid.

Deborah has been able to create a global team and scalable solutions by enabling her business with the right technology to have even further impact and democratise wellbeing.

She also recognises that through partnerships and the joy of collaboration, you can reach more like-minded people to build out your community, and knows that with every $1 spent on wellbeing has a return on human investment of $6 over 2 years.


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Host: Catherine van der Meulen

Guest: Deborah Fairfull, Founder - Blisspot

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