Episode 39: Sonja Bernhardt | TSQ Podcast

Sonja is a happy, optimistic, curious, creative and clever woman who launched her own business in IT software over 20 years ago after being fired from a corporate role and launched Women in Technology Association after confronting a near death experience.




As a "story teller", Sonja is all about the character of the story, choosing their own life adventure and having a positive impact through their choices. Knowing how meaningful stories are to connect authentically, this became one of the foundations of the Women in Technology Association.

In this podcast Sonja shares a number of amazing women from across the globes stories who were ahead of their time as coders and instigators in the revolution of science, computing and technology.

Sonja has recently sold her business for 8 figures and shares that to be successful, you've got to get up one more time, be resilient, know yourself and be future focused.


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Host: Catherine van der Meulen

Guest: Sonja Bernhardt - Founder, ionMy, Thoughtware, Women in Technology Association

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