Episode 42: Minister Damien Tudehope | TSQ Podcast

Hon. Damien Tudehope is the NSW Minister for Finance & Employee Relations and reflects in this podcast on where NSW has come from on their journey to recovery. 



Over the last 2 years, the NSW Government has injected over $10 billion into recovery support through JobSaver, targeted packages and grants to enable small businesses to reemerge and into an economic environment where businesses can thrive the most.

With strong focusses and investment into regional areas, development of online presence, improved technology and IT operations, NSW small businesses now have the opportunity to thrive through Rebuilding, Recharging and Renewing.

And with these three R's being the theme of the NSW Small Business Month in March 2022, Minister Tudehope sees it as an opportunity to collaborate, share, learn and grow.

Minister Tudehope has been championing for local small businesses to work more closely with government and see them as a friend to further enable their positive turnaround and growth 



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Host: Catherine van der Meulen

Guest: Minister Damien Tudehope - NSW Minister for Finance & Employee Relations

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